Communicate your Windows Phone 8 with Gnomio Watch.

Communicate your Windows Phone 8 with Gnomio Watch.

Gnomio Watch

Looks like smart watches seen before? True, but difference here is, this smart watch is not for Android or iOS based devices. This smart watch communicates with your Windows Phone 8.

The Smart watch runs on Windows Embedded Compact 7 and it use Bluetooth to connect to Windows Phone 8. The watch can also install Windows Phone apps using a “smartphone extending device”.


Processor – 270MHz ARM processor

RAM – 64 GB

Internal storage – 8GB

Display – 1.5″ fully touch capable with 240 X 240 resolution

This smart watch might hit the market by April 2013. Right now Gnomio team attempting to secure $100,000 with 68 days left in the campaign.

Source : indiegogo

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