Can I run GTA 5 without graphics card?

Have you bought the new GTA 5 and your wondering if you need to buy a graphics card or will your current computer run the game? Grand Theft Auto 5 is among the most successful games of our generation. Thanks to its success in the market, this installment is heavily anticipated to be released on PC.

But with a game as huge as GTA V, will it run well without a graphics card? Before you worry about searching for specs on Google, take a few minutes to read this article. You’ll soon find out you can play GTA 5 on your computer just fine without having a graphics card through some simple adjustments such as lowering the game’s graphics settings and reducing the resolution.


Can I play GTA 5 without graphics card?

You probably just finished installing your game and now you want to know if your computer can actually run the game. The question is valid, and there are a lot of things that need to be considered first before assuming that your computer can’t run GTA 5. When we talk about running GTA 5, there are two main things we need to answer — the capability of the graphics card and how fast is the CPU. For a PC gamer who knows how these things work, it’s quite easy to pick out the right option when asked what computer parts will make your gaming experience, better. It’s all about the specs.

If your computer is not running on the minimum specifications needed to run GTA 5, you will be getting an error message when you attempt to run GTA 5. The error message usually says something like either: “The graphics card that the game needs is not supported”, or even “There aren’t enough video memory resources available to start the game”. If this happens, then it’s most likely that your computer doesn’t have a graphics card. You might think though, I haven’t heard of any traditional computer that doesn’t have a graphics card installed on it but only an integrated graphic chip.


Here are the specsifications of GTA 5

Recommended Specs
If you are looking for a better quality of gaming experience, refer to the specs below:


Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs)
AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs)
Memory: 8GB
Video Card:
AMD HD7870 2GB

100% DirectX 10 compatible
HDD Space: 72GB

Minimum Specs
If you are just trying to play the game on an average computer, refer to the specs below:


Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHZ (4 CPUs)
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor @ 2.5GHZ (4 CPUs)
Memory: 4GB
Video Card:

AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
100% DirectX 10 compatible
HDD Space: 72GB

Keep in mind that in order for the game to run smoothly, you need 4GB RAM as it is the minimum amount of memory storage needed to run Grand Theft Auto 5. You must also have at least 1GB NVIDIA 9800 GT graphics card or the NVIDIA GTX 660. There should be at least 80GB of free space in your hard disk.

Can I play GTA 5 without a graphics card?

Many gamers ask Can I run GTA 5 without a graphics card?, and the answer is yes you can run Grand Theft Auto 5 without a graphics card. This may surprise some people because most video games require one. You might be asking, how is that possible? What about the visuals? Well, I will explain in more detail.

GTA 5 can run without a graphics card. In fact, it does not depend on the graphics card at all. This is because the GPU can do any calculations faster than the CPU (Central Processing Unit). It means that if you turn off your graphics card and run GTA 5, then it would still load and play the game. But you will not able to run at high or ultra settings because at this setting game will constantly stutter and cause slowdowns then it might be due to your PC’s lack of sufficient graphics processor.

This would mean that you need a graphics card to play GTA 5 well on your PC. If you are thinking of getting GTA 5 without a graphics card, there will be some things you need to know. Keep in mind that this is for those who want to play the game on a minimal budget. If you want to play the game in full HD, 24 fps, and 60 fps, I suggest getting a graphics card that is at least twice as much as your PC’s GPU.