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Apple is rumored to be working on an iPhone fold, which could be released sometime in 2024-25. The Wall Street Journal claims that the Cupertino brand plans to release its first foldable device in 2024-25, and recently shared images of prototypes with its tracker’s followers on Twitter. The folds would reportedly be similar to those used by Samsung’s Galaxy Fold cell phone, which was launched earlier this month and garnered headlines because of its $1,980 price tag. The highlight of the device is a screen where the folded screen would open outwards like a book at a 30-degree angle.

Foldable smartphones have had a pretty star-crossed history in the past few years. first, the companies behind them got a little too ambitious and announced devices that were a bit overambitious. Motorola’s Atrix was released in 2011 and was the first example of a foldable smartphone in production, but it was a fairly clunky device (if you don’t remember it well, there are about 100 videos of people opening up their Motorola Atrix to clean out lint on YouTube) that could only take calls and texts via software features when folded. 

despite these issues, the gadget received widespread praise from reviewers and tech journalists alike. late last year, Samsung tried again with its Galaxy Fold, but early hands-on reviewers reported significant drawbacks—including build quality issues and some annoying manufacturing quirks— which led to the cancellation of second public review units after their release.



iphone fold

Apple apparently wants to bring revolutionary features to the iPhone fold. A report from iPhone Informer claims that Apple has developed software called Fluidic Screens that seamlessly connect iPad and Mac-based displays when folded. The report also speculates that there will be multiple options for screen sizes offered by the foldable when in the unfolded state.

Others speculate that Apple’s iPhone 13 foldable the smartphone could have a larger screen but only be able to run one app at a time due to cutouts on either side of the phone as seen below: Apple is yet to comment or share any details about its supposed foldable feature which is expected later this year – assuming it

It’s been said that plans can change, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of technology. Rumors have floated for years about Apple working on a foldable device known as iPhone fold it could be named as iphone 13 foldable. It will have a display that folds open like a book. Some rumors had it as an iPad, while others targeted the iPhone or another device entirely. On its own, each rumor sounds ridiculous at first glance. But when you start to examine Apple’s history of patents, acquisition strategy, and its design teams, the idea of a foldable Apple device isn’t so far-fetched.

Concept of iPhone fold

iphone fold concept

Apple has drafted at least two different kinds of iPhone Flip prototypes, according to VentureBeat reporter Jon Prosser. One fits a clamshell flip design, one fits a telephone hybrid tablet design – similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold lineup. A patent application shows Apple is still developing its idea for a device that can fold into three different configurations. PatentlyApple has spotted a patent, originally filed in the second quarter of 2018 and subsequently unearthed by the site, that depicts a device with a flexible display.

The patent shows a device with a flexible display that folds closed yet still leaves a small strip at the bottom exposed for easy access to notifications and contextual information. Think of it like a miniature Touch Bar, similar to what’s available on the MacBook Pro. Apple may offer a folding iPhone design. The concept comes from a YouTube video that was posted by iOS Beta News, which shows a smartphone that looks like it has the Galaxy Z Flip’s slim bezels, centrally-positioned hole-punch camera cutout, and minimal exterior display. In addition, it shows a smart phone that opens vertically.

iPhone fold specifications

iphone flip concept


According to a source, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI claims the first iPhone will have a huge 8-inch display. That would be larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which offers a 7.6-inch display when it’s opened up. An 8-inch display would also be nearly as large as the 8.3 inch iPad mini. The rumors about a folding iPhone seem to have been confirmed by Mark Gurman, however, it looks as though there will be an additional tier of iPhones in the form of a flip-up display.

Apple is apparently deciding between three and several flexible OLED manufacturers for the iPhone’s display, which will hinge upon those manufacturers producing panels under the 10 LTPS mark, and the first such displays are expected to be ready for Apple in 2020.

iPhone has also released a video of the iPhone Flip concept, which looks like an Apple version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. However, it features a smaller notch than the iPhone 12 and a 120Hz display. It features an M1 chip that sounds far-fetched, but we’ll have to see whether Apple continues its A-series naming conventions for iPhones going forward.

Pencil support

Rumors about a foldable iPhone for launch later this year are getting louder. One thing we don’t know about is whether the device will come with an Apple Pencil. While Apple is certainly working towards including a pen into its foldable iPhone — whether it be internally or externally — this rumor hasn’t been confirmed. What we do know, however, is that Apple continues to improve its styluses, as evidenced by the introduction of the Apple Pencil 2 alongside the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 and smaller 11-inch iPad Pro devices.


iPhone fold release data

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will introduce a foldable iPhone in 2024. According to Display analyst Ross Young, Apple will not launch a foldable iPhone until 2025 and is not in “a rush” to enter the market.