pg playstation 5

It’s not every day that a sports shoe and gaming console get a collaborative release, especially one as hyped as Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. But given the PS5’s bright white-and-blue color scheme, it only makes sense for Nike Basketball to pair up with the console maker for a special edition of Paul George’s pg 5 PlayStation signature shoe.

The nike pg 5 playstation is just the latest collaborative shoe for the two brands. In June, George’s fourth model featured a 3D-printed upper with a small strap that doubled as a PlayStation controller. Officially dubbed the “PlayStation Gamer Special IV,” it was released in a handful of colorways that paid homage to some of PlayStation’s most well-known characters.

During the game, it was revealed that Sony and Nike were once again collaborating to create a PlayStation-themed signature basketball sneaker for NBA and Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George, who had worn the PS5 model during his four years at Fresno State University. This time, though, the design was centered around the PS5 — something that surprised no one, given rumors of an impending reveal had been circulating since early August.

PG5 Design

The pg 5 playstation is George’s most technologically advanced signature sneaker yet. The shoe’s design takes from the PS5’s striking lines and clean, no-frills color scheme by blending a white base with blue and black accents. Yujin Morisawa, the designer responsible for the PS5’s shape worked with PG 5 designer Tony Hardman to bring both worlds together, resulting in rich details from heel to toe.

One of the biggest names in shoe design collaborated with one of the greatest names in gaming to bring us this incredible sneaker, combining a retro style with modern technology and style. As you can see, the pair comes dressed in purple and white with a black cushioning set.

The colorway nods to the gamepad of the PlayStation gaming console, with hits of neon on the toe box and rear end being present, alongside hits of purple elsewhere. According to a senior creative designer, the recently revealed PlayStation-themed PG5 reflects an approach that’s rooted in emulation and canon — while zigzagging around the -pg 5 playstation trademarked details.

With that in mind, Japanese brand ASICS has revealed a stylish new pair of GEL-Lyte FIVE sneakers specifically for PS5 owners. These limited edition kicks pay homage to Sony’s upcoming next-generation gaming console with a PlayStation-themed design that decorates both the shoe’s upper and its bright blue lace tips.

With its slimmed-down silhouette and smooth upper panel, the PG5 has a sleek design. It also makes use of an updated traction pattern that aims to create a stable fit on both hardwood and synthetic surfaces. The playstation pg is the product of another collaboration between Eastbay and Sony, with Eastbay wanting to ensure it looked nice when the lid was flipped open — but also worked well with a pair of Playstations.

The Playstation 5 kicks off with a clean, white design that matches the look of the PS5. It’s super fresh. And the tiny PlayStation shapes along the leather on each shoe that match the DualShock controller. The detail is just amazing. There’s a lot to digest when it comes to nike pg 5 playstation 5 (Playgrounds 5) design. On the surface, the PG5 may simply seem like another exotic silhouette, but this particular collaboration presented its own unique set of challenges for both Nike and Sony.

PG 5 performance


Performance-wise, the pg 5 playstation is supposed to be a lighter and sleeker shoe with “better cushioning” than its predecessor. The Nike PG 5’s new outsole has been carved out to shave off as much material as possible while making sure it remained durable. The PG5 comes with a design entirely focused on performance.

Towards that goal, Nike carved out much of the rubber in the outsole and midsole, as compared to the predecessor (PG4), and removed a strap that was present on the last version of the shoe. Nike went with a Flyknit upper to help maximize the PG5’s performance and make sure they fit like a glove. But for all that, the PG5 is also a basketball shoe after all — and so, Nike didn’t sacrifice performance.

In order to make its latest Paul George signature shoe — the PG5 — as close to George’s foot as possible without actually being his foot, Nike (like it always does) used a 3D scanning process on the NBA star to get an exact understanding of what his feet looked like. Nike designer Leo Chang said during a media call last week the shoe is created by using multiple scans of George’s feet and other parts of his body to create a digital likeness of himself. And in order to make this shoe into a commercial product, it needs to look as close as possible to George’s actual foot.

If you have ever worn a pair of basketball shoes, the first thing you will notice is the weight of the shoes. They are heavy and once you take them off to take a bathroom break and then put them back on, it feels like your foot is getting pulled down even more as you lace them up. There was a conscious effort by Nike to lighten up this shoe on-court sneaker, the nike pg 5 playstation 5 colorway, following an off-court sneaker which he had been wearing prior to that.

The PG5 is the result of a partnership between Nike and PlayStation. Each brand looked to find ways to improve upon the performance of the hybrid basketball sneaker — for which there was already a shared passion. More specifically, the PG5 was intended for players who are versatile on the court and need shoes that were fast, agile, and lightweight during their moves.