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Nowadays, we all want our gadgets to look sleek and attractive. I mean, sure, it’s the inside that counts, but does the outside help? Definitely! Therefore, I can say that the design of a console is just as important as its functions. The PS5 was one of the most anticipated video game consoles of last year. A new design concept of Playstation 5 slim and PS5 Pro was just recently leaked on the internet.

Even with the success of the PS4 Slim, which managed to become a multi-million-seller, and its older brother (the PS4), it seems that the market is still waiting for Sony to offer something new — and that new thing will be the Playstation 5 (PS5) slimmer version.

The Sony PlayStation 5 Slim has been highly anticipated by a lot of fans of the franchise who eagerly looked forward to seeing what Sony would bring to the table with their next-generation console. And while you love the PS5 slim, there’s no doubt that it is a giant of a gaming console and not something that most people can discreetly position on their entertainment unit.

The wait for the new PlayStation 5 is likely to be several months away, but there may well be a sleeker version of the console that’s closer on the horizon. A leaked image has emerged on the internet which claims to show not only the new PS5 Slim, but it’s also possible that it’ll even have a release date soon.


ps5 slim concept

The PlayStation 5 slim release date is one of the biggest questions in gaming right now. Fans are eagerly awaiting news about their next console and what it’s likely to include, especially as the PlayStation 5 Pro hasn’t turned out to be the 8K home console we were expecting. While it can feel like a very long time since the PS4 has adorned the gaming landscape, it’s worth noting that the console’s release date was actually three years ago.

The original PS4, PlayStation 4, and PS4 Slim arrived in the markets in November 2013, and it was September 2016 before we got the more powerful PS4 Pro. A pattern seems to be emerging here. Now, with a few hints about what we might see from the next-generation of PlayStation hardware circulating, can we guess when a Sony PS5 Slim release date will roll around. So, with the past production scales figured in, the PS5 slim will probably go into mass-production by 2023. And its launch will probably follow a year later.

Playstation 5 slim price

slim ps5

Sonly made a bold announcement about the PS4 Slim. The new console will cost the same as the PS4, which officially replaces the original PS4. We predict that the price of the PS5 slim will be £449.99 / $499.99 when it is released later this year.