The notion that Sony might be getting ready to produce its latest version of the PSP 5G console is not a new one. The idea that a new Sony PSP 5g 2021 is just around the corner has been much debated over recent months, though there have been some confusing messages from Sony about the whole thing. Sony hasn’t revealed anything about it yet, but with the popularity of portable gaming on the rise like never before, this rumor might end up being more than just that.

I’ve already started making a shopping list of games I’d like to get my hands on. 5G technology is still relatively new, with some parts of the world only just getting their first taste of it. But that hasn’t stopped Sony from hinting at a next-generation PlayStation handheld, with rumors swirling about a device known as the Sony PSP 5G. A few months ago, we even saw the first leaked photos.

PSP 5G specification


As Sony has not yet unveiled any details of the new PSP, we can only speculate that it’ll most likely be called the “PSP 5G (the fourth generation) and will feature super-fast internet connection speeds thanks to its containing of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. The new model is expected to have a micro USB port rather than the older mini USB ports, as well as an internet download speed of 1Gbps (that’s a lot!) and access to Google Play games services, which are widely used in Sony mobile phones. Sony is an expert at all things gaming, so it’s not much of a stretch to assume that the company will be making use of 5G technology on its next handheld console. Expert opinions vary on this topic – but it’s safe to assume that the PSP 5G is going to get fanfare from the mainstream media, at least.

5G PlayStation portable is sure to cause a lot of excitement for any gamer. it can be used to stream game titles from the future PlayStation 5 in stiction, ps now and direct streaming from the cloud. you need to know that there will also be the capability to play games on the go, so it can’t be a dumb device. it has to have some local tech to get the job done. Report suggests that the PlayStation 5 might launch with a host of streaming and cloud-based services as part of its game delivery pipeline, including PS Now, along with a host of other apps that would work across all of Sony’s various hardware platforms.

Sony’s PSP 5G is on the horizon, but what we know about it so far seems to suggest that its CPU will be based on ARM architecture instead of an x86-based processor. The company has already been dabbling in unconventional processing units with the PS4 ‘Neo’ and PS3 ‘Fat’, and an ARM-based processor could put the next-generation console at a big disadvantage compared to systems from Microsoft and Nintendo – if you’re going for speed, then go for all-out raw performance.

Sony has confirmed that the PSP 5G (or whatever it ends up being called) is only going to be using super fast 5G networks – at least for connectivity with the internet. This means, of course, that the next generation of Sony consoles will top out at a ridiculous 100Gbps download speeds, obliterating the measly 1Gbps promises of the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation. As most gamers know, battery life is an important factor when selecting a mobile gaming system. A super-capsule allows for longer play without the need for a battery change. Fortunately, the PSP 5G will have a super-capsule that generates an electric field to keep the five gyroscopic motion sensors (which have 1/100th of a degree of freedom) consistently powered.

PSP® 5G is rumored to have a 7-inch widescreen display, dual cameras, and a touch screen. We know that Sony has expertise in electronics, from screens to camera sensors. But that doesn’t tell us what the new handheld console will have to offer in terms of raw power or which processor it will use. The PSP 5G would use some kind of expandable SSD memory card similar to Xbox Series console 1TB expandable storage cards and you would just download your games from the PlayStation Store.

Sony PSP 5G Design


What do you think of the Sony PSP 5G: design? If you’re a fan of the PlayStation Portable, it looks like you have an answer to your prayers – but only time will tell until we have any official word from Sony.
What does the PSP 5G look like? We don’t know, but that hasn’t stopped concept designers from coming up with various design proposals, and one of the most recent has just been released by PHConcepts.

According to rumore Sony PSP 5G has a bit of a phone design feel to us. It has all the action buttons and analog sticks you’d expect from a PlayStation controller, with the added bonus of three lenses on the back for a little more cinematic flair in your gameplay. The design could be quite phone-like, with an appealing matte black textured finish, as well as trigger buttons around the edges of the PSP 5G for more intuitive gaming. It’s not actually made by Sony – it’s made by Sharp, and surprises with a 2048×1536 resolution on its shiny 6-inch screen.