It seems like everyone is talking about the two rising FPS multiplayer games in the world: Pubg vs Freefire. These two games have remarkably similar gameplay and highly different audiences. If you play video games, you’ve probably heard of both of them by now. PUBG mobile is arguably one of the most widely played multiplayer battle royal games for mobile devices. It is free to play, has many features, and has dramatically affected the mobile gaming industry, especially after its debut on the Android Play store, where it’s been topping the charts for some time now.

However, despite enjoying immeasurable popularity, when you compare Pubg vs Freefire PUBG Mobile faces stiff competition from its rival, Garena Free Fire. When it comes to PUBG vs Free Fire comparison, they are the contemporaries of each other, and they are seeking to do the same thing, i.e. to kill their competitors with absolutely no mercy! Different developers created these games, and both of them have their features and functionalities.

However, most of their versions available in the market can give you nearly the same kind of gaming experience. Free Fire Battlegrounds is an online battle royale game. The game is very similar to the Battle Royale games, with 100 players trying to kill each other in a shrinking arena until only one player survives. It has some more features than most Battle Royale games, though, which is good. Let’s try to find out a detailed comparison between Pubg vs Freefire. This comparison will highlight the strong points of both games and show you each game’s weak points.

Graphics: Pubg vs Free Fire


When it comes to comparing graphics, in the war o Pubg vs Freefire there are several aspects I take into consideration. This includes character models, vehicles, map designs, and effects. All of these play a good role in the overall graphics. There are several factors I’ll discuss below that help PUBG Mobile to have superior graphics over Free Fire. Not only can graphics contribute to the overall gameplay experience, but they can also impact your decision on which game you end up playing for hours laps at a time. 

If you are a fan of graphics and realistic graphics, both games hold graphics solid. The clarity of the graphics is an essential factor in judging the quality of a game. In PUBG, you can see every texture. You cannot see the characters’ facial expressions in Free Fire due to its cartoonish graphics, which is a minus point. Free Fire is more based on low ends devices. PUBG has one of the best levels of realism available in any game to date. Although unreal engine power numerous other games, PUBG stands out with its extra realistic graphics.

The default graphics settings in PUBG Mobile aren’t the greatest. Characters and other objects look blurry and pixelated, even when playing on high settings. I believe this is intentional — which makes sense — to make things easier for players who may not have the best hardware, but it’s still honestly a bit of an eyesore. 


Gameplay: Free Fire vs Pubg


What are the differences between Pubg vs Freefire gameplay? Well, in this article, we will be comparing both of these battle royale games. One big difference is the quality of the gaming experience.  Free Fire features only seven maps, while PUBG Mobile has eight maps. Although Free Fire’s maps are more miniature than PUBG Mobile’s, the maps are well designed to provide a better gaming experience with realistic detail.

At the same time, PUBG Mobile is limited to its two maps Erangel and Miramar, situated in Eurasia and Latin America, respectively. Free Fire has a limited map that is closed and does not allow players to traverse to other parts of the map other than ground-based. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, features a relatively larger map that is open, allowing players to travel from one location to another across oceans and land, with helicopters as an option available to help them navigate the long distances.

Both of them feature several vehicles that players can use to traverse the map. PUBG Mobile has a few modes for this and can include a motorbike, a hatchback and a motorboat, whereas the other games only allow you to drive cars and bikes. Both the games have the same loot system, offering players weapons and other miscellaneous items that can be looted from buildings or off of dead bodies. Players can find better gear in places that are usually harder to get to, so if one wants a chance at a weapon with more significant damage, chances are he will have to venture out to the red zones and risk being killed by other players while attempting his search. The loot is dropped randomly in any location across the map.


However, PUBG Mobile allows you a limited number of loot bags every time you loot a dead body. In PUBG, vehicles can be used for several different things. They’re used to travel to the cave, cave-interior, and well as to open loot crates in the interiors. In addition to this, they’re also used to navigate the problematic areas on the map. However, players must be careful when using vehicles in PUBG because they can also be a death trap on a battlefield.

Both games have parachutes for players to descend onto the playfield faster. They both also have protective vests that provide additional protection to the player after the fourth respawn. Also, both games feature sidearms, but you can only use them if you are running low on health and ammo; else, it is better to use your primary weapon. Both games also offer various firearms, but PUBG Mobile has an edge because it features over 30 guns while Free Fire only features ten. Free Fire is a game based on the idea that everyone can be killed at any point in time, making combat their primary focus. That is not the case for PUBG, where teamwork it’s highly valued. In PUBG, one’s success largely depends on the degree of coordination between teammates.

From a perspective of simplicity, both games offer relatively the same experience. However, in terms of variety, PUBG Mobile is the winner due to its more abundant selection of options on transportation and more expansive assortment of weapons. When it comes to aiming, PUBG mobile has more of a tactical approach than Free Fire simply because its weapons are slower, allowing mobile gamers to aim more precisely. The same cannot be said for Free Fire because mobile devices do not usually feature controllers, which allows for rapid response by touch alone. This creates a more extensive scope of fast-paced gaming on Free Fire.

Both these games feature 4x4s that help you move through the jungle to avoid police officers or other players, but PUBG Mobile has another care option known as UAZ, which has better dynamics. Not to mention that PUBG Mobile also features three different categories of cars: hatchbacks, sedans, and off-roaders. Having several alternatives can make your game more fun, allowing you to try out new tactics depending on the kind of vehicle you are using.




Unlike PUBG Mobile, which has just 21 characters, Free Fire has around 80 playable characters. While there aren’t as many as the 400+ army character skins in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Free Fire shows no signs of stopping as it has loads of unlockable characters and weapon skins. When you install PUBG Mobile on your Android device, you’re only allowed to play the default character (Red), and there is no such option of playing as a female character.

However, it is pretty common to see different skins of the male character in various colours and clothing styles available on third-party servers. Characters in Free Fire are diverse. Some characters have high health, some low…some deal more damage, some less…some have high accuracy, some low…some can move fast, others slowly; the difference is overwhelming. Picking the exemplary character that suits your playstyle is crucial for winning gunfights.



Both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire feature diverse vehicles, each having a unique use on the map. These range from ground transportation such as cars and motorcycles to water transportation, including speedboats and airplanes that allow players to travel the world in various ways. The vehicles in PUBG Mobile are pretty fun to use. They allow players to reach the farther areas of the map quicker, transporting teammates during live matches or exploring the beautiful but deadly map of Sanhok.

PUBG Mobile offers players the opportunity to start with a vehicle already equipped during matches either by chance or where it has already been parked. Vehicles spawn in different locations, sometimes up to 100% of their fuel, or just may need some topping up. In free Fire, you can only choose a car or motorcycle no other option is available.




Both games can be installed on a mobile device and played anytime and anywhere, and both games are available on Android and ios. When it comes to these two games’ hardware and software requirements, we should discuss what we can do to optimize their playing experience. The file size of PUBG Mobile is 1 GB, and it takes up 3 GB of space on your phone storage, while the file size of free Fire is 710 MB. Considering that both the games are heavy and resource-intensive, it would be advisable to play them on a smartphone that can run other high-end games smoothly, preferably with 2 GB RAM or higher and 1.5 GB of free storage space.


As mentioned earlier, In the battle of Pubg vs Freefire both have their strengths and weaknesses, and these also relate to their users. As you can see from the statistics, most of the players for both games are from India and China, which account for about 30% of the total user base. The user base for PUBG Mobile is more significant than that of Free Fire. This is because most users of Free Fire were initially drawn towards its resemblance with PUBG Mobile. 

At this point, it’s pretty much undeniable that PUBG Mobile is one of the best mobile games to have come out in the last several years. And while it may not be an indie game or free-to-play, it still holds its own in terms of quality compared to many other big-name releases. So, what do you think of Free Fire after reading our PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire article? Have you ever played the game before?