The PlayStation 5 is one of the most anticipated upcoming video game consoles. Many customers have snatched up sony’s newest gaming console since it launched last year, having been sold out at various retailers. To get the Sony PlayStation 5 console to restock, customers have been willing to camp out in front of stores or pay a premium price online.

But despite the widespread anticipation, Sony has said it doesn’t expect to reveal a new PlayStation until 2021. Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been in short supply, sold out every time it went on restock. But this past weekend Flip Online Shop, one of the biggest retailers in China, kicked off a PlayStation 5 reload event. The apparent contradiction of Sony selling 10 million units but running out of stock is also confusing gamers.

Sony hasn’t explained this, leaving people to wonder why they are selling out so quickly despite still not keeping up with the demand. As it appears, even if the PlayStation 5 is unavailable in most regions, what is alarming is that many gamers who preordered the console are reporting that their stores haven’t received it after a considerable period. Amazon has already confirmed that it will hold it’s PlayStation 5 restocks in limited quantities, but new rumors suggest there are more surprises in store. Recent leaks suggest the company is devising a short window, exclusive to Prime subscribers, that will allow users to buy the PS5.

When will the PS5 console restock?


Sony has officially confirmed that the PlayStation 5 isn’t expected to be restocked this year. After Sony said on its recent earnings call, it expected the stock to last into the next fiscal year. Supplies of the Sony Playstation 5 are starting to dwindle, so it’s an excellent time to find out where you can get one. Can you preorder a PS5 on Amazon? If you’re in the United States or Canada, how do you exit a PS5 preorder?

Where will PS5 restocking be the best in Q4 2019 and Q1 2020? As Sony’s new console stocks become more limited, clearer signs of new PS5 stock arriving over the coming months are emerging. So far, the only confirmed place to try and buy a PS5 is from electronics retailer Best Buy. Even then, it’s hard work. They have been listing the PS5 as available but only in-store only.

On Monday, Playstation General Manager, Eric Lempel, announced to Press-Start that ‘we currently have no plans to introduce a new PS5 this year.’ In the same statement, Lempel did confirm that restocks of the PS5 were expected ‘beginning next month.’

From where can you buy PlayStation 5 console?


Have you heard a big rumor that Walmart is going to restock PlayStation 5 this Friday? I don’t know whether it is true or not, but the best thing when it comes to this kind of news is to have your preorder ready. The new PlayStation 5 will be available in Walmarts soon after restock. You can preorder now with $20 off the $500 price tag.


While PlayStation fans were wondering why Amazon decided to put a small amount of PS5 stock up for preorder the day after the Prime Day sales ended, it seems no one was able to place an order — as all of the consoles sold out almost straight away. And now the first official PS5 release date and price rumor has emerged, with a significant UK retailer claiming to know what it will cost and when we can buy it. Till now, Playstation 5 has been out of stock on amazon. You can easily buy it from amazon whenever ps5 console is restocked.


As you probably know, GameStop doesn’t stock new games until Friday at 2pm Eastern/11 am West Coast. But I’ve had multiple reports of them having PS5 days on Wednesdays or Thursdays _at least once a week_. Best of luck!

Best buy

In the real world, Best Buy is a US-based company, but it’s being touted as a proper tool for predicting PS5 release times in the UK. Best Buy near-simultaneously lists a “PlayStation 5” with a placeholder release date of 11/8/2020.