Windows 10 is Microsoft’s primary operating system. It has been for the last five years. Although Microsoft doesn’t currently indicate that Windows 10 will be discontinued, rumors about an upcoming Windows 12 update are circulating.

Windows 12 iso aims to bridge the gap between the current Windows OS and the revolutionary OS. It signifies the beginning and end of a new era for personal computing: the VR era.

Windows 12’s release date is expected to be by December 2020. According to reports, the Windows 12 Release date will take place on December 29, 2020. Many Windows users have already begun to migrate or install Windows 12 onto their systems. Windows 12 will be Windows’ latest version. Let us now talk about the Windows 12 release date, updates, and when they will be available.

According to reports, Windows 12 will release on December 29, 2025. Windows 12 is the latest version. Microsoft has announced that the company is testing “download cloud,” which will allow you to reset an operating system if your hardware fails or if you need to reinstall Windows 12. Although it is not yet available for public testing, this feature will appear on devices once you boot under these conditions. This feature is critical for future Microsoft Windows Lite OS and Windows Core OS (WCOS). This feature will likely work in the same way as Apple handles macOS OS reinstallations. It allows you to download an updated copy from the internet and then reinstall your OS.

 Microsoft has just announced Windows 12, but it did not reveal the version, system requirements, or features. Microsoft may announce the Windows 12 system requirements at the end of this year. Microsoft will continue to use the Feature Update model, which is a two-yearly release of Windows. This feature update will contain any new functionality and features for Windows. It will also remove older parts.

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What will Windows 12 features be?


Windows Security feature

Windows 12 Update also introduced a change in the name of Windows Defender to Windows Security. This Windows Security default antivirus adds several security features. Controlled Folder Access, an anti-ransomware function, is one example. It allows you to easily give access to any program that has access to the folder. This will make it simpler for you to protect your data but allow specific applications to have access.

Screen recording this time

Next is the screen recording feature that we all desperately need. Although there are no built-in screen recorders for Windows, we can expect one in 12.

Better GUI this time

This basic edition will be the most functional. It may not have a finished GUI series, configuration ability or be the lightest. This is appropriate for netbooks and other low-performance personal computing devices.

Better browsing experience

Microsoft Edge is now getting new features. Shadow, which enhances the depth effect of the display, is among these new features. Microsoft Edge now has a grouping of settings that makes it easier for users to find what they need. You can also adjust the autoplay media setting to decide whether or not a particular video will play. Edge Browser lets you add notes and annotations when you are reading PDFs. This feature is excellent if you have specific messages to add while reading an eBook. You will find the Learning Tools and Text Options available in the reading view. They can be edited to change their appearance and colors. Line Focus lets you focus the text on one to five lines, depending upon the settings.

Built-in HDR Support

HDR support will be available for laptops that run the latest version Windows. This is especially useful for those who enjoy large-screen displays, such as 4K HDR. Windows 12 Update now offers HDR settings in Settings> Display> Windows HD Color. This setting will indicate that you have enabled HDR support in Windows 12 Update.

New home design

New home design windows have a left hand-of-the-best interface layout and many shortcut functions for quickly accessing the necessary documents.

New 3D paint feature

Picture in picture features allows you to see some video and fill out an Excel spreadsheet. Dark mode, night mode, controlled version, more privacy control, and many additional features.

New windows 12 search Preview feature

Windows 12 new features. Windows Search has received a significant overhaul that includes previews. You will get a preview of any search results if certain keywords are entered. For example, if a song name is entered, the entire song title along with its file location will be displayed. Additionally, there are many actions you can take if you are trying to find an application.

Better Dark Mode feature

Windows 12’s Dark Mode feature was available in older versions. Dark Mode in Windows 12 is an excellent addition to the Dark Mode experience that Windows 12 offers. The Dark Mode update for Windows 12 is a welcome addition. File processing and execution can be performed using the context menu (right-click on the mouse). The background display has dark colors with light writing.

You will get a better task manager this time.

Windows 12 is getting a new feature. The Task Manager now includes information regarding Power Usage. Power Usage and Power Usage trend are now available for Windows 12 users to help them monitor their power usage. Both can be used to monitor all applications that use high power to low. Here is a list of applications that can cause your laptop battery to drain quickly.

Windows 12 updates

Microsoft is likely to drop the ten from its name. The actual version number is hidden in the build number for updates. These updates are basically new Windows releases. Microsoft now offers them in an easier-to-use format and has stopped supporting legacy systems for very long. Windows 12 or Windows 13 can be expected very soon.

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What will be Windows 12 Price

Concerning the price, if someone is running Windows 7 (or higher), they will get a notification at the taskbar. It allows them to reserve their system and upgrade it for free until December 2020. Users using a pirated copy of Windows 7 or an earlier version will need to buy a license for Windows 12.