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Microsoft has so far been quiet on the Xbox Series Z, with many people online questioning whether the device is even real. That being said, however, the hype around the device has led imkashama to release a video in which he examines his own idea for an Xbox handheld. Is this innovative Xbox Series Z a real console or just a concept?

A recently posted video showing off the portable Xbox has gained attention for its high-quality setting and is doing the rounds on major social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Since the rise of consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox, portable gaming has all but disappeared. But what if you still wanted to play on the go? Well, that’s where the Xbox Series Z concept comes in.

Despite the outlandish nature of the device, it is clear that a lot of hard work has gone into creating this console. The concept would be impossible today, as Microsoft is no longer allowing people to make Xbox apps for their consoles — presumably due to the ever-diminishing userbase. Some people seem to seriously think that the Xbox series z portable is a real product from Microsoft. I’ll be frank: it’s not. So, let’s find out if that rumor can be put to rest for good.

Is the Xbox Series Z possible?

In recent times, we’ve been treated to various designs for a portable gaming console — something which has become quite popular in the smartphone generation. Even back at Gamescom 2011, Microsoft seemed to be exploring various concepts for a true gaming handheld focused on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. However, it now seems that a new design has appeared from imkashama.

The Xbox series z portable console is a portable console concept for the modern-day gamer. Over the past few months, there’s been a surge of portable gaming devices that have come onto the market. Nintendo has recently launched the DS Lite, and it seems to be the silver bullet in terms of successful sales that the gaming giant game had been hoping for. Meanwhile, rumors of Apple launching an iPod touch with gaming capabilities have been growing louder. Microsoft looks like they’re looking at this market as an area to explore too with their latest design research project called Xbox Series Z.

This is in fact a concept video shared by a popular videographer named Imkashama. The game console design that has been showcased through the music video again is not an original Xbox series rather it is a concept video that shows what could possibly be an Xbox series Z. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced an Xbox series Z and therefore there may be no information about ,Xbox series z portable price as well as Xbox series Z portable release date at present.

Features of Xbox Series Z

xbox series z

The Microsoft Xbox Series Z is, by most accounts, an absolutely revolutionary technological innovation. This device has the potential to completely redefine industries, girdle the globe and enable people in various corners of the world to have their lives changed for the better. The portablE Xbox Series Z (codename) project is a unified 3D computer graphics hardware and software architecture. The project, led by Microsoft’s Xbox division, aims to create a new generation of console hardware that is capable of 3D gaming on par with modern PCs.

The Xbox Series Z gaming console may not be the newest thing hailing from Redmond, but it would definitely stand out among all other gaming consoles. With a screen built into its lid and touchscreen controls at the bottom of the device, this gaming console by Microsoft seems to be taking us back to a time when gaming meant of more than dazzling graphics and instant gratification. While the concept is incredibly promising, we have yet to see an implementation that matches up to what Sony’s Playstation VR has managed to achieve. However, that might be about to change soon thanks to Xbox’s latest patent application.

We could expect Xbox Series Z to have a solid metal-framed exterior and its weight of 772 grams; you notice that a lot of thought went into the design. For its size, it’s very thin at 8 mm. This allows you to use it as a portable gaming device when out and about. The Xbox series z portable console, is a handheld gaming system that fits in the palm of your hand. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not! In fact, it’s more powerful than you might think.


Xbox Series Z portable release date

The expected Xbox Series z release date is around the year 2023.